The New Gig – Look at the Wiki Waves

The ritual for new hires at a past company included asking the new hire to copy a stack of papers containing the “shared knowledge and lore” of the organization. The new hire spent most of the first two days filling out HR paperwork, making copies, and reading the copied material. This kept them out of the hair of the manager/mentor who probably had a bunch of fires to put out from the weekend.

Fast-forward to today, where I was pointed at the wiki and the pages referencing ‘New Engineer’ and ‘New QA’ necessary information, giving the lead of my new group time to figure out what to do with me. (I’m in training for the next 3 weeks)

I can speed-skim with the best of them, and I noticed an interesting pattern. Clusters of last-modified dates.

Bunches of pages were updated in the past week. Another clump in the past 2 months. Then another cluster 6 months ago. More clusters at 2 years and 3.5 years in the past.

The clusters seem to be thematic, too. Almost like they correlate with starts of new approaches, or changes in approaches.

Hmmmm. Cultural archaeology can be such fun.

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