I’m available, full-time or on contract, to help you and your company deliver high-enough quality software systems. My contact information is on my main home page.

Here’s a story that illustrates one way I have been of help:

One company asked me to complete a small set of interview programming puzzles. The first question involved writing a set of SQL queries and updates. The second, to take a set of csv files representing inventory and orders and report how much inventory was left after all the orders were filled.

Since I already had the environment set up, and mostly for amusement value, I implemented the solution to the second problem in SQL. (LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE …)

SQL not being known for its ease of implementing exception processing, I did eventually switch to a scripting language. But I kept the SQL solution around, and showed it to a few of the folks in my network.

One of those folks, when we talked about this, had a bit of an “Aha!” moment. He said something like, “Wow! Maybe I don’t have to use [complex technology stack and various programming languages] to solve [problem involving loading and processing big chunks of data]. I could load the data into a database and run a much simpler set of SQL against it. Thanks Dave!”

This kind of thing happens a lot. As part of my work style, I learn things from and about the people and systems around me, and I share that learning with others. Often, what I share helps someone realize a new or better solution to a challenge they have been working on.

Bring me in, and let me help you learn what your organization already knows.

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